2014 GATORLAND CHAPTER IMAGES..............................Page 6

"Flamingo reflection"  by   Ann Browne "Two Peacocks"  by   Ann Browne
"Reflection"    by  Jim Goins "With Fish"  by Jim Goins
"Egret"  by Bern Jurgiel "Flamingo"  by Bern Jurgiel

"Great-Blue-Heron" by Bill Kramer "Great Egret" by Bill Kramer
"Hiding Among the Lily Pads" by Irene Kramer "Alligator Ritual"  by Irene Kramer
"untitled"  by Jim Mahoney "untitled"  by Jim Mahoney
"untitled'  by Marsha McKenna "untitled"  by Marsha McKenna"
"Anhinga Drying Wings" by  Nick Muskovac "Parrot"  by  Nick Muskovac
"Anhinga and her Brood"  by Erik Rosengren "Fish flight-Great Blue Heron" by Erik Rosengren
"Curiosity"  by  Nancy Lester "Showing Off"  by  Nancy Lester
"Goofy-Little-Bird"  by Bill Lester "Lunch-Escapes"  by  Bill Lester